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A world class provider of rf switch products, relays, and custom components.

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Charter Engineering, Inc. (CEI) is a leading manufacturer of RF Switches and components. 

CEI has extensive experience as a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of coaxial switches. We have delivered high quality products for communications, aerospace, defense, aviation, and instrumentation markets.

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rf switches

Charter Engineering, Inc.(CEI) is a leading producer of specialty microwave switches including ultra low passive intermodulation, very high power, and extremely low temperature switches for military applications. CEI offers a low passive intermodulation (PIM) option for each of our products. Choose the leader in low PIM switches for your next critical application.

Specialty Microwave Switches

  • Ultra Low PIM
    -160 dBc min.

  • Very High Power
    (2kW @ 500 MHz)

  • Very Low Temp.

rf switch


CEI introduces a new SP4T coaxial switch with Type N connectors capable of operating in extremely low temperatures from -65 C. More information is available upon request.

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Charter Engineering offers one of the largest selections of RF switches in the world. We specialize in coaxial switches, multi-position switches, terminated switches, low passive intermodulation switches, and very high power products.


CEI electromechanical switches are used in a large range of markets including commerial and military applications. Our switches are used for ATE (automatic testing equipment), avionics, switch matrixes, ground, cellular, base station, broadcasting, hi-rel and many other applications.


We are the leading provider of low PIM (passive intermodulation) switches and have produced thousand of models for our customers all over the world. Our very high power switches offer average power in the kW range and our recently introduced extremely low temperature (-65 Deg C) products offer unsurpassed capability.


It is important to understand exactly how you would like your switch to operate. CEI offers multiple microwave switch options for each product line and this equates to thousand of model options. For more information on the terminology of RF switches please review our definition page.


Charter Engineering also specializes in fast delivery, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. Our switch repeatability and quality is well known throughout the industry. Allow CEI to offer a solution for your next electromechanical switch requirement today!