New RF Switch Products


CEI introduces a new line up of DC – 40 GHz RF switches. The 2.92 mm coaxial switches offer outstanding RF performance in insertion loss, return loss, and isolation. SPDT, DPDT, and terminated models available with additional designs in progress.

CEI introduces a new Multi-Position externally terminated RF switch allowing for high power applications. The switch includes external terminations in configurations from SP3T – SP6T with Type SMA connectors. The switch offers outstanding RF performance and repeatability.

CEI introduces a new SP4T RF switch with type N connectors capable of extremely low temperatures from -65° C. This high altitude, high power switch is available from SPDT – SP6T.

CEI introduces a new line of SP9T – SP12T RF Switches. The SP9T-SP12T switches are available in the Normally Open, Failsafe or Latching configurations in the non-terminated (S9-S12) and terminated (T9-T12) series. The new SP9T-SP12T are also available with low, ultra low, or superior intermodulation. The high quality RF switches provide a solution for applications requiring more than 8 outputs.

CEI introduces a new line of SP8T RF Switches. The SP8T switches are available as Normally Open (J8 Series), Failsafe of Latching non-terminated (K8 Series), Failsafe or Latching non-terminated with mounting bracket (N8 Series), Failsafe or Latching terminated (M8 Series) or Failsafe or Latching terminated with mounting bracket (O8 Series). Available from DC – 18.0 GHz.

CEI introduces a new line of SPDT externally terminated RF Switches. The SPDT switches offer high isolation, low insertion loss, low VSWR and outstanding repeatability. The new line allows the option of a high power external termination.