CEI has extensive experience as a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of RF switches.
We deliver high quality products for communications, aerospace, defense, aviation, and instrumentation markets.


rf switches

Charter Engineering, Inc.(CEI) is a manufacturer of RF and microwave electromechanical coaxial switches including ultra low passive intermodulation, very high power, and extremely low temperature switches for commercial and military applications.


  • SPDT – SP12T and DPDT (transfer switches)
  • Internally and externally terminated switches
  • Very low intermodulation (PIM) RF switches (all models)
  • Low insertion loss, low return loss (VSWR), high isolation
    rf switch
  • Extreme Low Temperature models available
  • Very High Power (kW) electromechanical switches
  • Coaxial switches with SMA, Type N, Type SC, and 2.92 mm (K) connectors
  • All models available in failsafe, latching, or momentary (normally open)
  • Outstanding repeatability and reliability
  • Thousands of RF switch configurations available
  • All coaxial switches available with indicators, suppression diodes, and TTL Logic control

All RF switches and coaxial switches are manufactured by highly skilled, experienced engineers and technicians in the USA.

Actuators Options:electromechanical switches

  • 12.0 Vdc, 15.0 Vdc, 24.0 Vdc, or 28.0 Vdc
  • Failsafe, latching, or momentary switches
  • Suppression Diodes
  • Indicators
  • Latching Self Cutoff
  • Solder Terminals, D-Sub, Micro D-Sub, and military power interface
  • Low, very low, and ultra low PIM (-160 dBc min.)
  • High power connectors
  • Extended temperature range